About Us

My name is Cindy Lurgey, and I’m a voice and creator behind “atllasik.com”. I live in the state of Arizona, USA.

I created this site in 2020 and blogging became my full-time job in 2016. I created this site because I wanted to stimulate my interest in photography and document my cooking career. It quickly evolved from a hobby to a successful business, with over a million people a month.

One of my favorite things about Beauty supply stores is the wide variety of things you can find In my web.

My goal is to share recipes and resources for hypoglycemia, a low-carb lifestyle. I’m a self-made chef and spend a lot of time testing each recipe (sometimes more than 10 times) to make it as enjoyable as possible while reducing carbohydrates intake.

Most of my dishes are easy to prepare and salty (because this is the name of this blog), and sometimes I have some sweets. I also love to use Instant Pot, so sometimes you’ll find recipe cookers for your blog.